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Fine tune and renew your aged, crumbling mortar joints with top quality tuckpointing.


Brickwork Repointing

Remove decayed or destroyed mortar from your brickwork.


Brick Restoration

Give your cracked, crumbling or damaged brickwork a makeover with our brick restoration.


Stone & Mortar Repair

Other stonework problems? Our team are experts in restoration and repair.

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In the market for tuck pointing and brick restoration services in Sydney? Here’s a few reasons why you might want to reach out to Tuckpointing Sydney

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Our team are experts in the tuckpointing field, having completed hundreds of jobs in Australia and the UK.

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We can work around your schedule, with mid-week or weekend time slots available for total convenience.

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We pride ourselves on obsessive attention to detail and going the extra mile, as if it was our own home.

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Brick restoration can be expensive. We use efficient processes & training to ensure competitive prices.

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Our team combined have completed thousands of jobs in the UK and Australia.

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“We couldn't be happier with the work done for us by tuckpointing sydney. they were on time and on budget but most of all the work looks fantastic. happy to give 5-stars!”

Anna Patrici

Facilities Manager - Sydney Medical Facility

Learn more About Tuck pointing

Tuck pointing is a repair technique employed by homeowners to stop the destruction or decay of bricks used for constructing their houses and homes. It involves removing an old mortar between the bricks and replacing it with an unblemished one which repairs any problems, transforming your timeworn brickwork into value.

If you’re looking for Sydney tuckpointing services, our company will streamline the entire process.

We offer affordable stone masonry services and cover the whole of the Sydney metro area.

At one point in time, our maintenance work is necessary to keep your home attractive for the longest time possible.

We carry out the process in several steps. First, we clean the bricks to give them an extra shine. Our professionals use two contrasting mortars to lay the bricks, which improves your structure’s aesthetic value.

Then, our team makes the first mortar match the brick colour. This process is vital for hiding any visible abnormalities found on the bricks. We might add a second layer to make it look even more beautiful! In this case, we’ll draw a thin white line between the bricks to act as an aesthetic enhancement to your house.

With our excellent track record and happy clients, our company is the best Sydney tuckpointing service. You’ll love the benefits; from increased home value, to enhanced curb appeal. If you are planning to rent or sell your home, this is one of the best upgrades you could choose!

Tuckpointing is a technique of using two contrasting colours in the mortar joints of brickwork, with one of the colours having to match the bricks to show that high-quality joints have been made.

It’s a repair process that preserves bricks, and it often comes with some decorative properties that will make your house look brand new! Old bricks take on a new life with different colours used in the joints.

Historically, the tuckpointing technique was first used in England in the late 18th century. During this period, the primary aim for using contrasting colours was to duplicate brickwork, which involved transforming oversized rubbed bricks.

The process restores brickwork to its original unblemished appearance by removing the old mortar between the bricks and replacing it, giving the damaged brickwork a magnificent new look.

Repointing or tuck pointing? Even though the two processes have subtle differences, they are often used interchangeably.

Repointing is the actual process of removing destroyed and decayed mortar joints and renewing them.

Tuckpointing uses two distinct colours of mortar to alter the appearance of joints. On the other hand, repointing involves the actual repair of joints on brickwork that have been crumbled or damaged.

The mortar joints are vital since they are required for support in a structure. Whenever these joints are damaged, they become exposed to water and other elements seeping into the brickwork.

With time, the exposed parts eventually erode. To avoid further damage to the brickwork, repointing is always done to reseal the joints

Costs tend to vary depending on the type of work you need or the area you live in. 

Tuckpointing is always an excellent and  cost-effective choice. You can save money by replicating the appearance of high-end bricks rather than spending money on new ones, especially if no damage has occurred.

The average tuckpointing cost ranges from $250-500/sqmtr. This normally includes the costs for materials and labour. Repointing bricks cost in a similar ballpark.

At heights above 10 feet, where the masons have to use scaffolding and ladders to climb the wall or chimney, repointing tends to cost more

Depending on your area, it is best to keep in mind that this process is essential to your house every 25 to 30 years. The frequency of tuckpointing also depends on the climate of your area.

In areas that experience heavy rainfalls and high humidity levels, you might need to tuckpoint more frequently. During heavy rainfalls, the water gets inside the mortar, and the bricks begin to seep, expand, contract, and dry, causing them to decay and be damaged.

Similarly, wherever there are high humidity levels, water tends to cause more damage and deterioration to the structures.

In places that enjoy a sunny climate with warm summers and mild winters like Sydney, this work can be done after a more extended period. However, we advise you to tuckpoint sooner (rather than later).

Tuckpointing tools are often manufactured from special wear-resistant tool steel. The tools are fully hardened and ground sharp to enhance long tool life and ensure a perfect edge. Below are a few tuckpointing tools you might need to perform this job efficiently and safely:

  1. Mortar Gun

A mortar gun allows tuck pointers to swiftly attach new mortar into the joints that are being tuckpointed. It allows the professionals to get their work done fast.

  1. Tuckpointing Grinder

A grinder is commonly used for precise and quick removal of mortar in the process. Grinders are essential for reaching the deeper areas in the mortar without compromising a chimney or a building’s structural integrity.

  1. Jointers

Jointers are manual means for getting new mortar into the joints, with some ease and a high level of accuracy.

  1. Masonry Brushes

Masonry brushes help in cleaning off the dust from the finished product.

  1. Hawk Boards

Hawk boards hold wet mortar while applying it to the structure.